Do you have visions of a passel of homeschooling children scattered all over your house, immersed in great books, interesting science experiments, real-world math problems, and personalized journal prompts?

Enter, Grace Homeschool Consultations!

Wherever you are right this minute, trust me, I’ve been there–I was the one immersed in all books homeschooling, pouring through research, home education philosophies, curriculum, and state law, I was the beginner and I was the veteran, I was the one ready to quit and I was the one who was so glad that I didn’t, I was frustrated and I was overjoyed, I was overwhelmed by a sea of dirty laundry, sneezes and sniffles, dishes mounting in the sink, no plans for dinner and a barking dog and I was the one enveloped by candlelight, siblings doing little acts of kindnesses for each other,  avid readers, and a sense of  happiness and accomplishment, and I am the proud mama of two happy homeschool graduates!

I live to homeschool! I’m passionate, creative, and committed to everything homeschool.

I’m a veteran homeschool mom with 16+ years  experience in the “one home schoolhouse”(counting the preschool years). Our eclectic curriculum gave me insight into a wide variety of curriculum design–we’ve used many of the popular publishers including ABeka Book, BJU Press, Aplogia, Alpha Omega, Sonlight, Saxon Mathematics, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Key To Series, The Story of US, and many, many more.

I’ve also designed and written original curriculum.

So, let me put my words where your visions are…

Artistry Abounds

Globetrotting Geography

Poetry, Percentages, and Pups

5 Meaningful Writing Lessons

Where there is vision, there is grace or freedom to educate your children in your home as you see fit. Contact me at karendoll521@yahoo.com for a gracefully personalized consultation and let me put my experience to work for you.

So, let’s get better accquainted, shall we?

Home is at the heart of my livlihood–I spend my days putting my passions into words. I write for a variety of publications with a focus on home education (of course), health and wellness, gardening, faith, and pets  and animal care topics.